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Why do you need a VPN on your Android


If you're considering getting a VPN service that allows you to connect with your Android device, you're well ahead of the security curve based on that fact alone. Android devices include tablet computers and smartphones. There are very real reasons why people should consider getting a VPN provider that allows these devices to enjoy the same protection that VPN providers offer for desktop computers.


Most of us have quite a bit of personal information on our cell phones. Email is certainly at the top of the list, but you may have your social networking accounts logged in on your smartphone and other personal information stored on it, as well.

When you go somewhere that offers a public Wi-Fi, it's sensible to hook up so that you can us their Internet connection rather than using your mobile bandwidth. This means, however, that you're exposing yourself to every other user on that network and some of those users may be hackers looking for victims.

VPN services encrypt all your information, so you can use a public hotspot without having to worry about someone spying in on your Internet traffic. This is one of the most significant reasons that you should consider VPN protection for your smartphone.


Many VPN providers have come out with mobile apps that make it easy to hook your smartphone up to their network. You don't have to alter the configuration settings anymore, which means that these apps make VPN accessible to must anyone. Since it's so easy, there's no sense in not using it.

Some of these VPN providers - many, in fact - really don't care what device you hook up to the VPN server. This means that there's no extra charge involved for using your VPN service with your smartphone, so there's no reason not to download the app and use it.

Android devices sometimes have a great deal of person all information on them, they may be used to go shopping and to perform other sensitive tasks and, therefore, they are potential jackpots for hackers. Be sure you're not providing a hacker with an easy target. A VPN service can ensure that your Internet traffic is private. Many of the apps make hooking up no more difficult than tapping a button, so there's really nothing about using a VPN on your smartphone that should put you off from a technical standpoint. There are many more reasons why you should consider using one!

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