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Iranian regime arrests VPN software seller


The Iranian regime has arrested one seller of a software tool that is used for evading internet filtering.

The commander of Iranian regime’s cyberpolice in northern province of Zanjan said “Following efforts by the police, the seller was identified, digital documents were collected and the order for arrest was issued.”

He added that “the seller was arrested and the accused confessed after facing the documents,” state-run news agency Fars reported on Monday.

Many Iranians citizens evade the filter through use of "Virtual Private Network". Using the technology, surfers in Iran could sign in to a server in the United States for example and pretend that they are actually located in the US and not Iran. This way they circumvent the Iranian government’s installed filters and Iran’s information agents will not easily know which websites they visited.

The Iranian regime authorities have blocked the use of software tools that people use to evade Iranian regime's Internet filtering.

Iranian regime has adopted one of the world's most substantial Internet censorship regimes. Iran under mullahs' rule is among a small group of states with the most sophisticated filtering systems purchased from Western countries.

Source: ncr-iran.org

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