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Free toilets and Wi-fi to lure tourists back to historic Fenghuang


A historical city in Hunan province is desperately trying to lure visitors back with free toilets and wireless internet after the introduction of an entrance fee caused a local protest and left Fenghuang deserted of tourists.

The move came a day ahead of the long May 1 holiday, the first peak-travel weekend since a 148 yuan (HK$185) entry fee was imposed on April 10.

"We have rented 14 toilets in the city that can be used free of charge by tourists," deputy county head Cai Long told the provincial Xiaoxiang Morning News on Tuesday.

"After May 1, two additional toilets will be built," he said. "The historical city will have a free three-star public toilet every 3.6 kilometres."

The county official said the entrance fee would help meet the 28-million-yuan cost of upgrading the city's infrastructure, including providing free drinking water and Wi-fi for tourists.

When the fee was announced three weeks ago, riot police had to confront an angry mob of hundreds of vendors who had gathered outside a government building to protest against it.

A week later, vendors told the Post that the number of tourists had fallen by half. On Tuesday, a hostel owner told China Central Television that although his hostel had been fully booked in March, he had no reservations for May 1.

Tourism is the most important source of revenue for residents of Fenghuang. Last year, tourism generated 5.3 billion yuan in income for the city, according government figures. In 2010, tourism accounted for 63 per cent of its economic output.

Last year, some 6.9 million people visited the picturesque city that served as a capital for ethnic Miao rebels in the late Qing dynasty. 

As always make sure that you secure your connection and use a VPN when you visit Fenghuang and use their free WiFi.

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Source: SCMP.com

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