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Bypass UK's Great Firewall of Cameron using Immunicity


When ISPs in some countries started blocking The Pirate Bay in response to court orders, it was no surprise that users turned to proxies and other file sharing websites. However, over the past year, rights holders went further by getting proxies and other file sharing websites blocked, including TV streaming sites. As the UK government started blocking wide variety of file sharing, streaming and proxy sites, not to mention the upcoming porn filter blocked to rival Iran's "halal Internet," Britons are questing about for a way to get access to the free,open Internet enjoyed by people in countries where censorship is not considered a legitimate response to political problems.

While Tor and VPN services are another way to get around the censored websites, they either cost money, are slow or awkward to use. So here comes Immunicity to the rescue, a Web-based censorship-circumvention tookit from the same people who created the Torrenticity anti-censorship system. From a normal Web-browser, Immunicity grants access to the full Internet, without the prior restraint on publication and ubiquitous surveillance welcomed by the cowering British establishment.

Immunicity takes the form of a browser plugin that kicks in when you're trying to visit a censored site, routing your connections through its proxy. It's simple to set up and is only active when it needs to be.

“We are angered by the censorship that is happening in the UK and in other countries across the globe, so we got our thinking caps on and decided to do something about it,” Immunicity’s operators told TorrentFreak.

“We saw that there was a gap in the market for anti-censorship services. VPNs are great but they often require a subscription, Tor is great too but it’s very slow and getting it running just to browse a few torrent sites can be cumbersome. Immunicity is different because it is free and implemented in such a way that the end result is seamless access to previously blocked content.”

Unblock Torrent Sites, Blocked Proxies, & Cameron’s Porn Filter With Immunicity [Andy/TorrentFreak]

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